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Expectations of future electromobility solutions are rapidly increasing. Even more powerful batteries need to be developed. The goals are clear – a more compact design, more power, a greater operating range, and a longer life expectancy. With leading optical inspection systems, VITRONIC is the partner you can rely on to get tomorrow’s electromobility solutions up and running today.

  • 100% power
  • 0 compromises
  • 100% safety

Top-Class Batteries Not Only Bring You Farther – They Also Last Longer.

Whether in cell assembly or module and pack assembly – the tiniest deviations at any stage can impact the life and performance of the battery produced. VITRONIC inspection systems put each process step under scrutiny and play an important part in making your battery a bettery.


Every Contact is Inspected.

Defect-free contacts are essential for powerful, long-life lithium-ion batteries. Even the slightest deviation can reduce their performance and durability. The weld seam inspection automatically checks each contact weld and identifies even tiny irregularities. As a result, only batteries with flawless contacts and high performance reach the market.


Only a Reliable Production Surely Earns You Money.

Ordinary visual inspections are all too often influenced by a person’s form or by external influences. They are neither objective nor comparable. Optical inspection systems from VITRONIC inspect 100% of all components without compromise - inline and without slowing down your production. For maximum safety and highest performance on the road.


Every Weld Seam Matters.

Weld seams are an important element in ensuring the safety of all passengers in a vehicle. Therefore, rigorous requirements must be met in battery production. In cell housings, the weld seams must guarantee a hermetic seal over the entire life of the battery. Battery boxes, by contrast, are often integrated into the bodywork as a structural element. They must be stable and able to withstand a crash.

  • Up to 800mm/s along long seams

The Formula for Successful Battery Production: Less Sources of Error, More Profitability.

Surface inspection, geometry inspection, and weld seam inspection – our systems examine all critical areas. VITRONIC has the right solution that is easily integrated into all relevant stages of the cell and battery production process. This saves valuable time and money, and turns your battery into a bettery


Inline Inspection in Battery Module Production.

The early detection of defects is central for the optimization of production processes. In battery module production, optical machine vision systems check the completeness of the module and the orientation of the individual battery cells and tags.


Sustainable Battery Production Saves Resources – and Nerves.

The immediate detection of faulty components and the elimination of imperfect production processes are factors that directly impact sustainability. That’s because flawless production generates less waste and reduces time needed for rework – which, in turn, means less electricity, less water, fewer raw materials, fewer extra shifts to work, and a lot less bad temper. All of which ultimately makes your battery a bettery. 


Inspection with 1000% Conviction.

Today, we also offer expertise in new intelligent solutions for all critical stages of cell and battery production. This is how we can help make your battery a bettery.

For over 35 years, we at VITRONIC have been experts in automated optical inspection. We look closely at everything and identify every visible defect. Customers and partners in the automotive industry place their trust in our expertise and have been using VITRONIC’s optical inspection systems for quality inspection as part of their complex production processes for many years.

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Set New Standards in Battery Production.

Summed up:

  • Inline Optical inspection
  • 24/7 availability
  • 100 % traceability
  • 100 % objective
  • Valuable data for long-term process improvements
  • Years of experience in the automotive industry

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